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Selected Japan prepaid data plans for travelers

eSIM Japan data plans

Find the most suitable Nationwide eSIM Plans
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eSIM Japan 4GB Plan

Valid for 8 days

$25.98 $12.99

eSIM Japan 6GB Plan

Valid for 10 days

$31.98 $15.99

eSIM Japan Unlimited Plan

Valid for 3/7/12 days

$3.99 – $10.99


Planning a longer stay in a particular city?

Select from our City eSIM Plans to connect you to the best local network!

eSIM Tokyo

eSIM Osaka

eSIM Kyoto

eSIM Sapporo

eSIM Hiroshima

eSIM Fukuoka

eSIM Japan, helping connect you
from just a tap of your fingertips

Best Selected Local Network

Enjoy the fastest 4G LTE local network!
Network reliability verified by experts.

Unbeatable Prices Offered

The most affordable prepaid data plans.
Waste no more on pricey roaming data!

Unbeatable Prices Offered

The most affordable prepaid data plans.
Waste no more on pricey roaming data!

How it works?

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Order

Buy eSIM plan online
when you feel like it

2. Scan

Activate your data plan
just with a Tap-Tap-Tap

3. Enjoy

Use the best 4G LTE
local network in Japan

Why eSIM Japan is the best?

Check out our customer reviews!

What is eSIM Japan?

eSIM Japan™️ by WHIZ provides the ultimate eSIM service for travelers in Japan.
eSIM lets travelers access local data plans using virtual SIM.
We provide the easiest way to get connected in Japan at a reasonable price.
Have an amazing time with eSIM data plans in Japan.

If you still wonder?

Which devices are compatible?

iOS and Android devices that are eSIM-compatible AND unlocked can be used with eSIM.
Please make sure that devices which are SIM locked cannot be used.
If you want to know how to unlock your iphone, visit here

Should I order and activate an eSIM before the trip?

▶ At your convenience, you may purchase an eSIM the day prior of your travel date or upon arrival to your destination.

In addition, to install the eSIM, your device must be connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular data network.

How can I get a support from Team WHIZ?

To get in contact with us, ask to Team WHIZ anytime via

When does the data plan begin after receiving email?

The data plan is ready for use once your purchase transaction payment is successfully processed, and will begin upon the time of installation.

Are voice calls and SMS available with the eSIM plan?

▶ We provides data-only plans. Therefore, making local or international calls is not available. If needed, you are able to have access to make a call via WhatsApp or Skype through the use of your data plan.

Can I make a payment besides a PayPal?

In the case in which you do not hold a Paypal account, it is highly recommended to create an account in order to make simple and easy payment transactions.